Thames Recognised CPD Training & Development

This page provides the detail of the current training and development activity that is eligible for points under the Thames CPD programme.

Participants are required to achieve a minimum of 150 points across the three categories of Mandatory Courses; Accredited Training; and Skills & Experience within a five year period. The programme is free to join. Check our FAQs for a description of the three categories.

Additional points accrued by undertaking higher grade safety courses may be used as credit against the requirement for Accredited Training. Additional points achieved in the Mandatory Course and Accredited Training sections cannot be used in lieu of points gained in Skills & Experience. Should participants wish to undertake alternative courses from those listed below then a request should be made to the PLA/CWL Governance Board by sending a message via the Contact Us page. If accepted, points will be awarded at the rate of 5 points per half day / 10 points per full day of training. Additional information can be found on the Thames Skills Academy site.

If accepted, points will be awarded at the rate of 5 points per half day / 10 points per full day of attendance.


The following courses are to be completed by all participants within the 5 year cycle. Additional points will be given at the rate of 10 points per day for higher grade safety courses completed.

Course / CPD Points

  • MCA STCW Elementary First Aid and Defib 10
  • MCA STCW Fire Prevention and Fighting or equivalent standard 10
  • MCA STCW Personal Survival Techniques 10


Each participant must gain a minimum of 50 points from the below course list over each 5 year period. Additional points gained in Mandatory Courses may be used in lieu of accredited courses obtained below.

Course / CPD Points

  • Thames Skills Academy/HR Wallingford Simulator Course (2 Days) 30
  • RYA Professional Practices and Responsibilities 10
  • MCA STCW Proficiency in Security Awareness 5
  • MCA STCW Proficiency in Designated Security Duties 10
  • MCA STCW Personal Safety & Social Responsibilities 10
  • MCA STCW Crowd Management 5
  • MCA STCW Crisis Management and Human Behaviour 10
  • MCA STCW HELM (Operational Level) 30
  • MCA STCW HELM (Management Level) 50
  • RYA / MCA VHF Short Range Certificate 10
  • GMDSS General Operators Certificate 10
  • MCA Signals Exam 10
  • MCA Master 200 50
  • MCA Approved Engine Course Part 1 50
  • MCA Approved Engine Course Part 2 50
  • RYA Advanced Powerboat (Commercially Endorsed) 20
  • RYA Day Coastal Skipper/Yachtmaster Theory (Commercially Endorsed) 30
  • RYA Day Coastal Skipper/Yachtmaster Practical (Commerically Endorsed) 30
  • Bridge Resource Management 30
  • SQA Radar Certificate 25
  • SQA Operate Non ECDIS Chart Systems 25
  • MCA Stability for workboat, pilot boats and small commerciak vessels - 1 day course 10
  • Diploma in Maritime Studies - Rivers, Inland Waterways and Limited Distances to Sea 30
  • COSHH 5
  • Manual Handling 10
  • Formalised Company Training (Points awarded to be discussed dependent on content and delivery method based on 10 points per full day)
  • ISM Auditor Report: Lead Auditor & Internal Auditors Report 50
  • RYA Diesel Engine course or equivalent 5
  • MCA IMO Train the Trainer 50
  • Ship Oil Pollution Emergency Plan (SOPEP) 10
  • Confined Space Training (1 day) 10
  • Confined Space Training (3 days) 10
  • PPE - Safe Use and Inspection of Lifejackets 5

Multi Cat / Work Boat

  • Slinger/Signaller 30


  • Cargo and Barge Loading 20
  • Towing and Pushing Endorsement 30
  • Pilotage Exemption Certificate 30

Non Routine Tows

  • Ro-Ro Ops Endorsement 30


  • General Cargo Endorsement 30
  • Chemical Cargoes Endorsement 30
  • Dredging Endorsement 30
  • Liquified Gas Cargoes Endorsement 30
  • Oil Cargoes Endorsement 30


  • General Passenger Endorsement 30
  • Large Passenger Vessel Endorsement 30
  • Fast Craft Endorsement 30


Each participant must attain a minimum of 50 points from the below activities over each 5 year period.

Course / CPD Points


  • Experience (5 points for every 5 years served to a maximum of 20 points) Max 20 points
  • Tripping on a different industry sector vessel (Full Day 7 hours) 10
  • Attendance of TSA's Regulatory Visits Programme (including visits to Met Police, London Fire Brigade, RNLI and PLA) 5 per visit
  • Attendance at relevant PLA / MCA / TfL meeting or event 5


  • Taking part in multi-agency exercise 5
  • Local Knowledge Trip and training 10
  • Riverside Personal Safety 10
  • Handling Difficult People and Conversations (Half Day) 5
  • EPIC (Tideway Tunnel) 10
  • HR Wallingford 3-day Simulator Course 40
  • Equality, Diversity and Disability Training 10
  • Taking part in TSA (and others) Webinar teaching programme 5 points per module
  • Attendance of Company H&S Meeting 5
  • Training covering skills, knowledge and behaviours in: ISM/DS/SMS; risk assessment; collission regulation; LKE and endorsement training; moving craft without the use of tugs; chartwork; local regulations; PLA survey work and findings; meteorology; passage planning
  • Mental Health
  • Cybersecurity
  • Commercial and financial training
  • International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code (IMO Conventions)

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